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Never Say Neigh, it’s about humor, joy, and inspiration. A heart-warming story straight from the horse’s mouth! Meet Noah Vail, baker, blogger, gin rummy ace, and all around Renaissance man. Make that Renaissance horse. Noah has parlayed his rare talents into a delightful career as an award-winning author with plenty to say. With a little help from his assistant, Madam, Noah motors over hill and dale in his Comfy Sundowner trailer. He also hosts cribbage tournaments, opines on the human condition, and spreads horse hilarity along the way.

One day we're out picking apples at Minnetonka Orchard, and the next day it's winter. This is Minnesota, after all!

One day we’re out picking apples at Minnetonka Orchard, and the next day it’s winter. This is Minnesota, after all!

Hop on Board

Hop on Board!

Hop on Board!

You mean he talks too? 

No, but Madam does. If you’re looking for a gifted speaker to brighten your women’s health and wellness conference, lead a pursuit of happiness retreat, or even teach a self-publishing seminar, she’s your girl. Actually, she’s not a girl but a sensible, grounded, mature woman with an eye on joy and credentials to support her programs.

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